Water.  It is essential for life. 

Our body must have pure water to survive physically.

Our body must have practical water for the soul to survive psychologically.
You need safe, bottled water from a trusted source to recover after a crisis.
This site provides 'bottled water for the soul' to those impacted by the negative psychological effects of Storm Stress. 
Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, depression, grief, stress, anxiety, loss or panic can feel overwhelming after a natural disaster like a Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, Earthquake, Fire, Mud Slide, Blizzard or after man-made disasters like a school shooting or terrorist attack. 
Our group specializes in showing you how to overcome Storm Stress by using strategic resources, focused research and connected relationships.  This approach helps you recover faster after a crisis through the combination of education, equipping and empowering people, even during the most difficult of circumstances. These positive coping skills are an effective way to stabilize emotions while working to get life back to 'normal' after a disaster. 
The articles and special reports are updated often, so bookmark this site to find answers fast when facing a crisis event.  Many thanks for helping us spread the word about the psychological benefits of 'bottled water for the soul' to your friends, family and co-workers who are thirsting for real answers.

                                                                ~ Dwight Bain, Author & Nationally Certified Counsel

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